All About Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding, especially without professional assistance, can be really overwhelming. There are plenty of things to consider, check and decide on. This can take a toll on your physical and mental health and this is exactly why it is important for couples to get a professional wedding planner to help them plan and execute a flawless wedding.

Nobody wants to see a bride who is stressed out, haggard and half crazy from being left to make important decisions on her own. Planning is of utmost importance as it can make or break the wedding. Little details not looked upon can end up affecting your wedding day.

Aside form hiring a competent wedding planner; it is also wise for couples to investigate wedding blackout dates.  If your wedding falls on the same date as a conference, local party or charity walk, it could affect the availability of rooms in hotels. So do check these dates.

Get value for your money by hiring vendors who can give you the best bang for your buck. Often the best videographers and photographers are booked many months in advance so get recommendations from friends early and always ask them for a sample of their work.

Buying the Wedding dress

When buying a gown it is important to set your emotions aside. It pays to remain as levelheaded as you shop for your wedding dress. This will help you stay practical and not spend your entire wedding budget on the dress. If you think you found the dress, you probably have so relax and pay for it as long as it is within your wedding dress budget.

Managing your budget

Sticking to your budget is very important if you want to avoid financial problems later on. It is easy for wedding budgets to suddenly expand like a balloon so keep yours from popping by being smart about purchases. Put your DIY skills to good use by creating wonderful personalized invitations.

The wedding dress is the most important dress a woman will ever wear in her lifetime. There are many styles and silhouettes for wedding dresses and picking one from them can be very difficult and confusing. It is important for brides-to-be to choose their wedding dress wisely because the last things they want to be is to look like a person who is trying too much and clearly failing to fit in her wedding dress. Every woman wants to look spectacular on his or her wedding.


The empire silhouette was popularized by Napoleon’s wife, Josephine. It has a very high waist and it is often made of sheer materials. It is a silhouette which is most suitable for small-breasted women because it gives the illusion of bigger breasts. The raised waist also creates a long line making petite women look taller. The skirt may be straight or slightly flared.


If you are a curvy woman who is comfortable with showing off your curves, the sheath silhouette, popularized by Marilyn Monroe, is perfect for you. This is a body-hugging silhouette which is an excellent choice for tall-small-hipped women but it is equally perfect for petite and slender brides.  However, this style is not for women who have wide hips and narrow shoulders.


The A-line style silhouette comes from the triangle between the outer edges of the wide skirt to the narrow bodice. This cut is suitable for different kinds of fabrics because it is versatile. Some A-line bridal dresses have a seam on the waits while others do not. The bodice is close-fitting and may or may not be strapless, depending on the preference of the bride.


The trumpet silhouette hugs the body at the top through the hips and jets out into a fuller skirt at the bottom. This is also called the mermaid silhouette.

Ball gown

The ball gown was introduced by Queen Victoria ad popularized by Dior in the 1950s. It is never out of fashion and it is one of the most popular silhouettes even today. Of all bridal styles, it is the most romantic because it has a small waist and a voluminous skirt with petticoat. This silhouette is most flattering to women who are of average height who have full or hourglass figures. This silhouette is not recommended for women who are petite.


Short wedding dresses are more casual and are meant for outdoor ceremonies. These bridal dresses are above the hem is just slightly below the knee. Avoid this silhouette for formal ceremonies in church.

It is important that you know your body type before you choose your wedding dress. You want to be the most stunning women on your wedding day and you want all eyes to be on you, especially your husband-to-be’s.

Make sure that you shop for your wedding dress early. When you have time in your hands, you will be at a much better position to decide what is best for you. Time pressure can lead you to make all the wrong decisions.

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